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Summertime offers opportunities

Lauren Ganzenmuller
Staff Writer

The sun is rising earlier and setting later. You may have even caught a sunset or two since the warm up, or perhaps an early morning sunrise. The rays of light are finally warmer, and you are beginning to gain tan color again. Summer is on its way, and it is definitely long over due.

When I let my mind wander about summer, thoughts of late nights, bonfires, parties, concerts, food, hanging out with friends and family, traveling, sleeping and working come to mind. Many of you may find commonalities with some of these characteristics, and may have your own to add. While all of these things comprise a great summer, a few things are missing.

As college students, we are always thinking about our futures. By simply being enrolled in college we are focusing and preparing for our futures. When summer rolls around, we should still be focusing on our futures and preparing ourselves for what life may have in store for us. Read the full story

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Seniors say goodbye to newspaper, college, each other (Amanda)

Amanda Cuteri
Managing Editor

Well people, this is it. It’s the big one. The dreaded “g-word” that I’ve been avoiding for months is here, ready to slap me and every senior right in the face, like the time JWOWW came in full-force at the Situation in Atlantic City at the end of season one.

Sitting down to write this, my last article for the Spectator, I realized it’s likely that this is the last time, for a while at least, I can get away with saying what I want. This is the last time I am my own boss (kind of, not really) and I can write in a voice all my own. From here on out, whatever I write will likely be representing someone else. When I enter the workforce, I’ll have a company I represent, standards to adhere to and values to reflect. I, like the rest of my fellow graduates, am about to answer to “the man” for the rest of my life, to some extent. So this is really the last time it’s appropriate for me to say things, like the twenty-something kid that I am. Read the full story

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Reflection wraps up school year

Our Viewpoint

Finals are all ready, stress levels are high and it seems like everyone you talk to is a little on edge. Welcome to the end of the semester.

While this time of year has become a routine for us, do you ever take time to reflect on the year that you’re about to finish?

For most of us this time of year is a sprint to summer.

We do our best to cram all the information into our heads that we need to pass, we try and go out one last time before we leave for the summer or for our futures, and most of all it seems like every second of our time is busy. Making sure you get everything done is extremely important but we should all take a moment to reflect on the school year we are about to finish.

Just look at all that has gone on this year on our campus in the past school year. This was the year that we had many strikes over departments being cut; some were saved but unfortunately there are some that received that fatal blow.

Just last semester, groups around campus fought for whatever money they could get after the Student Government Association announced their budget cuts, due to an extreme decrease in enrollment. It was the first time that the voices section took up a majority of the paper.

This year was the first time that Edinboro University opened its doors for the public to stay in after homecoming and after an open house. For some, these were genius ideas for the university, while for others it showed a sign of our weaknesses.

As a whole, this school year has been full of ups and downs. We celebrated successes like lowering the rate of out-of-state tuition and having our university named as one of the top online education programs in the country.

At the same time, we had the task of accepting the loss of some great professors due to their positions being eliminated and our enrollment declining.

We often think that nothing ever goes on here, but when we take a moment to reflect on all that goes on in the span of just 10 months of school you realize that isn’t true. The truth is things happen at Edinboro all the time; sometimes we’ll remember these moments forever and some we’ve already forgotten.

In some of these moments, we felt such strong emotions, but for what? Sure some of the strikes saved departments and maybe some clubs got more money because they begged for their lives but in the end we’ve all already moved on.

The funny thing about college is we all experience moments that have a huge impact on us at the time and that will all eventually fade into memories, yet we continue to express ourselves because having our voices heard has always mattered to us.

We all want to be a part of something that matters, even in just a small way.

Like it or not, this semester is coming to a close. Soon, finals will be over and we’ll all be ready to embrace summer or face the realities of the real world.

Before you rush to do so, take a moment to think about all you have done this school year because while those moments might seem trivial now, there was a time when those moments might have been the most important things to you.


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Courage conquers fears of future

Logan Lilly
Voices and A&E Editor

Where do I go from here? It’s a simple sounding question, but at times, it can be the hardest question you’ll ever have to answer.

I’ve faced this question more times than I cared to over the last couple years of my life, but in the end they’ve always turned out for the best once I had the courage to take the first step.

Two years ago at this time, if someone were to tell me that I was going to be the voices section editor of The Spectator I would have laughed and told them they were crazy. At that point in time, I had never written for The Spectator, I was a broadcast journalism major and honestly, I wasn’t thinking about resume building at all. Things change, sometimes slightly and sometimes very drastically. Read the full story

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Caped Crusader turns 75

Logan Lilly
Voices Editor

A woman walks alone in the dark back alleys in a sprawling city, when all of a sudden a man grabs her purse and sprints off. She chases after him, but can’t seem to catch up to him. Suddenly, a dark figure appears in front of him and swiftly takes him down, returns the woman’s purse and flies off into the night.

For the past 75 years kids and adults alike have read stories like this in the pages of a Batman comic.

This year, the character Bob Kane created, Batman, turns 75 years old. In 1939 the hero we all know graced the cover of “Detective Comics 27” and history was made. But why has Batman captivated us all these years? What makes the Caped Crusader so special? Read the full story

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Verbal strain damages vocal cords

Lauren Ganzenmuller
Staff Writer

March Madness is on, and the team you are rooting for is neck and neck with the opposing team.

You are yelling, screaming, making various vocal sounds and your vocal tract is tense as you remain on the edge of your seat. While you may see these vocal behaviors as a must during an intense sports game, you could possibly be abusing your voice.

Vocal abuse can take many forms. Abuse can arise from yelling, screaming, prolonged vocal usage without rest, use of excessive tension of vocal apparatus, talking in loud noisy environments, smoking, allergies and consumption of alcohol or caffeine beverages. Read the full story

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Tinder transforms dating trends

Jideobi Ezeonu
Staff Writer

Have you been feeling lonely lately? Do you think you will never find a partner? Are you sick and tired of the bar and party scene? Don’t fret – Tinder is here to save the day. Or is it?

Tinder is an online dating app. Created by two University of Southern Carolina students in September of 2012, this iOS and Android application gives its users the ability to go through a bunch of different profiles and swipe them into either the “like” or “pass” corner.

The app turns on the smartphone’s GPS and scans the surrounding area looking for other people nearby who also use Tinder. Read the full story

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Print endures digital take-over

Alyssa Dreihaup
Staff Writer

As a child, you are taught that reading is important in life. Reading means success.

It also means escaping to a new world you never thought possible to exist.

Physical books are still an important part of our lives and will always be relevant even with technology knocking on the door.

Books have always been a part of people’s lives, but an invention has helped books get to many more readers over the last few years: the eReader. Read the full story

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Club plans Earth hour

Britnee Ganster
News Editor

With a global focus on “going green,” Students of Edinboro for Environmental Defense (SEED) is working to make sure Edinboro cuts back.

Under the supervision of professor Karen Eisenhart, the club meets on Tuesdays at 5 p.m. in room 223 in Cooper Hall. The group currently has between 15 and 20 members and is looking to expand. All students are welcome.

President Anthony Dinch is trying to have an event every month whether it is a field trip, event or speaker. Past events have included a French Creek cleanup and numerous campus cleanups. Read the full story

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FAFSA deadline looms

Britnee Ganster
News Editor

Though students might be able to neglect most obligations over spring break, they need to be sure they file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) before Edinboro’s March 15 deadline.

The FAFSA determines which grants and loans a student is eligible to receive. Students can file their FAFSA at any time as long as they are enrolled in school, but Director of Financial Aid, Alyssa Dobson explained certain awards like work study or the federal supplemental educational opportunity grant (FSEOG) might not be available after March 15.

For programs like work study, the school gets a certain amount of money from the government and they can distribute it as they see fit. They use the FAFSA to determine which students qualify for these programs. All students who submit the FAFSA before March 15 will be considered for these awards, but they cannot be guaranteed after that. Read the full story

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